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Points can be placed and lines can be drawn but they're still just that, symbolic elements. One can even point to a general direction where something started, and still be way off. Now looking back for a second, what could it have been all about?

About always been searching pleasure through beauty found from unique sources. Being the one to look past the familiar and being charmed by what's not even on display. Absorbing influences, processing them and in my own way, often unconciously, shaping them into structures. Learning it all by yourself. DIY. Translating ideas into sound. Bringing the ghost notes to life. Making the obscure reality. Stretching the possibilities and tools by going over where the fence is the highest just because it's there and I can. Some things are to be found only by doing it just like that. Channeling ideas from a ambiguous source, a spiritual self. Doing it all just on account of a some nondescript whole. Diving into different things from the extreme to the other and back but in the end, heading for a certain direction, reaching for what the soul has always craved. Taking the different path and asking myself, without truly needing an answer, where are we going and when are we there, and continuing.