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Mooma is an ambient music composer creating relaxing ambient soundscapes. By concentrating on completely beatless ambient textures Mooma has embarked on a mission to create a soundtrack for sleeping, dreams of space and worlds of imagination.

You can find the album "Herd Forming" in the music section and you're welcome to share any thoughts on the guestbook.


2006-11-09 - Another exclusive track released

There's another exclusive track by Mooma available. The track "Ursa Major" is on the new space themed Ambient Collective collaboration "Infinite Space" which is available from The Internet Archive.

2006-08-13 - An exclusive track "Where Are We Going" released

A new exclusive track from Mooma is available. The previously unreleased track "Where Are We Going" is on the new freely downloadable Ambient Collective collaboration "Whispers in the Night".

2006-05-05 - "Herd Forming" released

Album "Herd Forming" released. "Herd Forming" is a venture into different forms of beatless ambient. Music for a space traveller. Constant drones and shifting dynamics. Warm currents and cold feelings.